While we can’t take credit for suppling Christie’s with all of the mannequins they used during the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels and clothing, we did supply them with a mannequin with outstretched arms. It was the perfect mannequin for the gown displayed.

celebrity mannequins

While celebrities often look larger than life onscreen, in reality they are often quite small We have mannequins with tiny waists like the ones in the photo above that our customer purchased to display two dresses worn by Rita Hayworth he purchased at the Debbie Reynolds auction in 2011.

Cher dresses

Another customer of ours, bought a mannequin to display a Cher costume he acquired. He didn’t want a face on the mannequin, but he did want a head.

Christies dresses

And we provided some of the dress forms for the Princess Diana gowns which were auctioned off in Canada in June 2011.

When some of Elton John’s elaborate costumes were donated for an AIDS fundraiser in Atlanta a few years ago, we sold dress forms to someone who bought several jackets at the auction. He had converted one of the rooms in his house into a “shrine” to Elton he wanted them out on display so he could enjoy seeing them every day.

These are just the few of the many examples of orders we get from people who are displaying celebrity clothing for either fun or profit. Since Mannequin Madness works with a wide a wide range of mannequins suppliers we have one of the most extensive selections of mannequin products than any other online vendor.




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10 years ago

Hi Judi

Glad to hear you got involved on your side of the pond. We also provided the London exhibition with our Schlappi Mannequins. Isn’t it an honour! Love to you both Roz x

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