Fashion forward retailers who require that their mannequins be as unique as the clothing they sell often turn to the LaRosa brand of mannequins. LaRosa, an Italian manufacturer, sets the trends in mannequin innovations that eventually trickle down to mainstream stores. They started the trend of translucent mannequins which were first seen in Prada and Giorgio Armani stores before manufacturers from China started mass producing them.

This is a recent mannequin design from LaRosa which is dramatically different from other mannequins on the market. They are minimalist and artsy, almost like a piece of sculpture.  Truly for the discerning retailer/museum/artists who likes to be different.

Their unique design makes them extremely lightweight and easy to dress (and undress) . This makes it convenient for sales staff to get the clothes quickly on and off the mannequin when customers want to buy the garment displayed on the mannequin because “it is the only one left.”

At first glance the mannequins  one dimensional, but they are actually three dimensional. A skinny three dimensional that is.

The heads are detachable, so it is like getting two mannequins in one. So you can put the heads on when you are displaying hats.

Or remove the heads for another look

But what really makes them special is this: While most of the mannequin is made of fiberglass, just like 90% of the mannequins on the market. The middle piece is made of cloth so you can pin into it. This allows for a tight and snug fit of the garments. Also the middle piece turns sideways but we can’t figure out why anyone would want to do that. Maybe to highlight a belt.

A brand new LaRosa mannequin costs around $1100. We have a limited selection of gently used ones in this style (both male and female) for $200. Call for availability – 510 444 0650. They are selling so fast from our warehouse in Oakland that by the time we post them on our website they will be sold out.

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susan grant
susan grant
10 years ago

I’m interested in purchasing a female LaRosa mannequin.
Please let me know how to accomplish this.

Susan Grant

ronald martens
10 years ago

It is nice.The style is unique.

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