This window display for a golf store is a fantastic example of how to display sports related attire. It was created by Los Angeles based visual merchandiser, Keith Dillion.

Window Displays for Retailers

Can’t you just imagine these perfectly coiffed and manicured ladies saying “where’s hey where is our caddie?”

Window Displays for Retailers

This display makes it easy for a person to imagine, dream or hope that they too would look this elegant and stylish while golfing if they bought the items in the window.  Retail displays that stimulate the emotions of viewers sell more merchandise than static displays that just show product.

Here is another example: When Bikram Ft Worth opened their yoga studio this year they chose unique props to display the yoga apparel they sell. One of which was this mannequin in a lotus pose they bought from us to place on a table in the middle of the store.

Window Displays for Retailers

The novelty of a mannequin in a yoga pose attracts attention to the clothes.  And it makes it easy for customers to imagine that they will feel calm and serene if they wore the outfit displayed on the mannequin.

Active wear and sports clothing should look “active” not be placed on a mannequin in a stiff military style pose or hang lifeless on a hanger. The right choice of mannequins and ancillary props makes all the difference in a window display that is so-so and one that is sensational.

In addition to mannequins in yoga poses we sell a variety of “sport” themed male and female mannequins. Below are a few examples of mannequins that look like they are running, stretching or body building.

Window Displays for Retailers Window Displays for Retailers

Window Displays for Retailers
Window Displays for Retailers


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