Too many retailers nowadays just shove a mannequin in the window and put lingerie on it and think this is enough to bring in customers. You gotta give people a little “street theatre” to attract their attention

Look at these series of photos from a Saks Fifth Ave store in San Francisco for a window display selling lingerie. (sorry about the glare on the windows, I took those photos during the day instead of nighttime)

Display of the Day Using a Mannequin

Using props like the clothesline and the clothes basket allows additional items to be showcased than what could be displayed on a mannequin. Yet the display doesn’t look busy or crowded – which often happens when retailers try to cram too many items for sale in the window. Less IS more.

Display of the Day Using a Mannequin

We love that is it not the traditional way retailers display lingerie in a window. And we love the oversize clothespins.

Display of the Day Using a Mannequin

Good window displays should be like a scene from a play and stimulate the viewer on a emotional level. Humor is a good technique for touching people on an emotional level and we think this display is funny. Not in a LOL kind of funny, but in an amusing smile on your face kind of funny. What do you think?

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Yes – I also hand wash my delicates, so this window display speaks to me
No- I like my lingerie to be sexy – show me some tits and ass