Since going to a retail clothing store involves a lot more hassle than shopping online, we think retailers ought to give customers a “show for their money.”

What we mean by this is that addition to having an assortment of products and providing good customer service they should have window displays that do more than just showcase their goods. How about window displays that show some imagination? Or window displays with a personality instead something generic looking that you can find at any mall?

The photo in this blog post is a good example of what we mean.

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We here at Mannequin Madness have very specific criteria on what makes a creative window display. It must:

-have at least one mannequin ( we sell and rent mannequins for a living, so yes we want to see more mannequins in store windows)

– heavy on creativity, light on the pocketbook (good visual merchandising doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does require imagination and good execution

– must evoke an emotional response (emotions trigger people to buy more, which is what good visual merchandising is all about – generating more sales)


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10 years ago

Great idea Judi, where did you see this one?

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