In Dallas, Texas there is a place called The Anger Room which offers stress relief through destruction. It a windowless room where you can gear up and destroy real-life mocked rooms that simulate an actual workplace, living area or kitchen.

Many of the rooms have mannequins or mannequin parts in there – so you can literally smash in someone’s head or break their leg. We have seen a lot of unusual things that people do with mannequins here at Mannequin Madness, but this is one really unusual.

Here is a video clip:

Sessions in the Anger Room range from a five-minute, $25 “I Need A Break” quickie, all the way up to a more elaborate “I just got divorced and foreclosed upon”- 25 minute session called “Total Demolition.” That one costs $75.

We would prefer that our recycled mannequins get used for art projects or for emergency response training. But if someone out there wants to create their own Anger Room or Anger Moment, we’d rather them use something from our mannequin boneyard than take their anger out on another human being.


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