If you want to create a great window display to sell your products, you start with knowing this: What is your store’s image or personality? Who is your ideal customer? Ideally you should be able to use just three adjectives to answer each question.

In other words you first need to be clear about what your brand is. Once you are clear about your brand, then you can choose the most appropriate mannequins and props that to complement your brand.

For example the type of window display you see at a Barney’s is different than the window display you see at Neiman Marcus even though they both sell luxury clothing, often from the same designers. But the two stores might have different collections from the same designer.

Likewise an Abercrombie and Fitch window display is very different from a window display from a retailer like Diesel or H&M even though they both serve same age customer base. By looking at their windows, you have a clear idea of what to expect inside – both in terms of type of clothes and price point.

To illustrate this point, let’s use window displays from several different retailers selling the same product: lingerie.

sell more products

Words that come to mind when I see this display is
-feminine, yet strong

sell more products

My three words for this display are

sell more products

And this one is:

So even though these three stores are selling lingerie – the type of lingerie they sell and who their customer is -determines the type of window display which best suits them. All of these displays are eye-catching, but you want them to be eye-catching to your ideal customer. In tomorrow’s post I will have window displays from three other retailers selling lingerie so you can select three words to describe their customer base.

Remember window displays are like giant billboards selling your store 24 hours a day. Customers need to be able to easily identify what your BRAND is when looking at your window displays.


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