Display Ideas for a College Bookstore

College bookstores often have the best examples of budget friendly window display ideas. We always say the good visual merchandising is based more on creativity than a big budget and you can see that in college bookstores.

Display Ideas for a College Bookstore

We love the fact that college bookstores were some of the first retailers to be “green” and adopt the practice of using recycled mannequins and props in their window. True they may have initially been green by necessity (limited budget) rather than environmentally concerned, but that is fine by us. We didn’t originally start out to be the largest mannequin recycler in the country, we just liked mannequins and hated the fact that retail chains would through their unwanted mannequins in the landfill – until we offered them an alternative.

Every year the National Association of College Bookstores sponsors a Dynamic Displays Contest and the photos in this blog are some of the 2012 entries.

Of course our favorite window displays are ones that have mannequins, like this window announcing a Red, White and Blue sale.

Display Ideas for a College Bookstore

But this igloo made out of recycled water bottles is pretty cool, but an Eskimo mannequin would have really made it a winner in our books.

Display Ideas for a College Bookstore

Send us your photos from your college bookstore and be entered into our monthly drawing to win a $100 credit to buy or rent a mannequin from Mannequin Madness.

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