Mannequins are often used as a canvas for interesting art projects at the Burning Man Artery. We have a Pinterest board devoted  to mannequin art, some of which is from Burning Man – like this one.

We have sold countless distressed mannequins and mannequin parts to people going to Burning Man. Our favorite was a couple who came all the way from London to attend Burning Man. On their way to pick up their  RV rental they bought a few mannequins from Mannequin Madness for their art project.

Anyway we have these really cool mannequins we recycled from a Giorgio Armani store. We have both male and female and their heads detach.  They kinda look like oversized paper dolls or the Burning Man mascot. They are three dimensional but flat – so they won’t require a lot of room to transport. AND they are not as fragile as regular mannequins.

They are not the most ideal for displaying clothes, but they make a FANTASTIC  canvas to decoupage, paint or decorate.

They come on a very tall and sturdy stand (can withstand those desert breezes). You can even elevate the manenquin so that it looks as if it is suspended with the feet not touching the ground.

Normally we sell these mannequins for $175 (cost more than double that brand new) but we are having a Burning Man special. Bring us a copy of your burning man ticket and the price for you is $100. You have to come to our warehouse in Oakland and pick up the mannequin – these are too cumbersome to ship.

FYI – here is an interesting article about the top ten burning man art myths 

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Lulu Redshoes
Lulu Redshoes
10 years ago

Thought you’d like to know that your pinterest link on your Burning Man Special page is not working – it has two htt:// at the front.
Have a good day. Be happy.

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