This eyeglass display is “eye-catching” – you couldn’t help but notice them if you

were walking past the store.


Shop Window Display Window Display Image via GardinerDesign
Just goes to show that a good window display can be high on creativity and low on budget. These are just styrofoam heads painted a bright color with pipe cleaner attached to them. It was for an Earth Day theme but could also be used for St Patrick’s day.
When you are selling outrageous items like those butterfly sunglasses on the female head, you gotta have a display that is just as outrageous.
We sell  sunglass display heads like the ones seen in the photos below. They come in either a gray or white finish.
Sunglass/Eyeglass Display Head Available at www.mannequinmadness.comSunglass/Eyeglass Display Head


Sunglass/Eyeglass Display Head
Sunglass/Eyeglass Display Head


And some of our customers have painted these same heads in bright colors and added something simple like recycled packing materials as a background prop. Doesn’t this look a lot more interesting?



Sunglass/Eyeglass Display Head
Sunglass/Eyeglass Display Head


Send us photos of your eye-catching window displays – the world needs to see your creativity.




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