Gay Pride Window Display Ideas

June is Gay-Pride we created a board on Pinterest called Gay Themed Window Displays. This is to assist those retailers with ideas – from the tame to the risqué’  – who want to create window displays that are gay-friendly.

Of course, since we are Mannequin Madness –  we only like gay pride windows that have mannequins or mannequin parts in them.

Gay Pride Window Display Ideas

Outside of the Castro in SF or The Village in NYC, not many retailers have experience in creating window displays that are gay-friendly. Gay visual managers yes, but gay window displays, NO.

For more gay themed window display ideas, check out our board on Pinterest  If you see some unique  Gay Pride themed window displays, please send us photos so we can post them. And we will give you a $25 coupon to use for any purchase or rental at Mannequin Madness


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10 years ago

Yay for Pride Season! Bring on the fun & sun ~

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