Need inspiration for creating eye-catching window displays? Well Mannequin Madness has created several window display boards on Pinterest which are quickly becoming the go-to resource for retailers. 

Unlike most of the other window display boards on Pinterest, our boards are categorized by theme to make it easy for you to find the specific idea you are looking for. Here are just a few of the many boards we have created:
And we are adding new boards all the time, such a jewelry window displays and sports/dance window displays.  We make sure that we have a mix of budget-friendly ideas and over the top ideas. The only requirement we have is that the window must have a least one mannequin or mannequin part (legs, arms, hands) in the window – cause that is our niche. 
But even though we like mannequins, our boards are not just for clothing retailers.  We cover all industries because all kinds of retailers use mannequins in their windows.
We want more retailers to be able to create eye-catching “windows with wow” displays that get passerby to stop, look and come inside the store. Your windows are like giant billboards providing free advertising to all who pass by. You have to have something dynamic in the window to get people’s attention as they walk or drive past your store. You have to touch people on an emotional level and the right props, signage, mannequins and lighting can accomplish this. 

If you have created a “window with wow” please send it to us so we can brag about you our pinterest page! We love to give credit to the retailer and/or visual merchandisers who create such fabulous windows.


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