A distressed mannequin has become one of the most popular mediums for imaginative art projects. We’ve created a board on Pinterest, devoted to mannequin art with images of upcycled mannequins.
The most recent image we added to our board is this piece
By LuLu Redshoes (yes that is her real name) of a mannequin she found in a thrift store and she is selling on Etsy. She calls this piece the patron saint of wild and wicked women .


Mannequins are a blank canvas that can handle a range of materials, especially found objects as you can see from Lulu’s project.  Send us photos of the art you have created from mannequins.
We have a mannequin boneyard at Mannequin Madness with all kinds of distressed mannequins and dress forms that we sell a discount prices.
If you are in the Bay Area and want to pick up some pieces from our mannequin boneyard, give us a call at 510 444 0650. We are open by appointment only.

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