Lots of creativity went into window displays to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Here are our favorites (because they involve at least one mannequin) that could be applied to other occasions in other countries. All photos are courtesy of the Window Display Blog 
For example you could replace the silhouette of the Queen with a Xmas tree for the holidays or a heart for Valentine’s Day. BTW, we sell those chrome mannequins here. 
Guess, Regent Street

This reminds us of a July 4th window display or put a tennis racket or something in the hand of the mannequin and this could be a sports theme or tailgate party window

Jack Wills, King’s Road.
The bearskin hat that Buckingham Palace guards wear on a mannequin wearing a bright red dress gives this display a touch of humor. Humor is ALWAYS a good theme for a window display 
L.K. Bennett – Kings road

Personally I think the flags in this window detract from the display rack that look like the queen’s crown.  Sometimes less is more in a window.

The White Company, Sloane Square




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