The Story Exchange is a global video project empowering women to start their own businesses. It is so important that women have role models and that’s what The Story Exchange is all about. By telling the stories of successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and sectors they encourage others to gain economic freedom, create the lifestyle of their choosing, and uncover their full potential.

Here is the video that they did on Mannequin Madness – who know that working with dummies could inspire others?

If you would like to submit your business to be considered in the global video project (at no cost to you) here is the link:


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vickie bottelson
vickie bottelson
10 years ago

I was so inspired by your video! I, too, struggle with all of this creative and entrepreneurial energy that I just don’t know what to do with. Too bad you don’t want employees! I could rep for you down here in L.A.! Ha! Well, you go…you’re doing great and you make us women proud! 🙂


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