These running mannequins that we have for sale on our website are in London right now as part of an Olympic themed window display at Selfridges in London.
Selfridges (voted the best department store in the world) purchased these from us way back in April when they made plans to create the window displays below.
The display was part of a British Fashion Council  + Art Collusion event to celebrate the relationship between fashion designers and visual artists to create wearable artwork.
 The purpose of the event was threefold:
1) To create a series of unique works that will inspire a fashion and art legacy for the future
2) To provide a unique platform and opportunity for the pairs to create something that is unique
3 )To inspire and encourage creative talent to celebrate London as a creative capital in 2012
The team of Giles Deacon and Jeremy Deller created this outfit – printed lycra body suit  they call an “Arts and Crafts suit of armor for an athlete”


We’d like to thank award winning photographer  Andrew Meredith,, for providing us with the photos. When I emailed my contact at Selfridges getting photos she put me in touch with Andrew who responded right away.


We know this display is very popular because whenever we google “Olympic themed window display” this one pops up multiple times. But none of the photos are as since as the ones Andrew sent over. THANK YOU ANDREW and SELFRIDGES.


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