The Olympics provide retailers – regardless of the city they are in or product they sell – an excellent opportunity to create eye-catching window displays. We will be profiling our favorite Olympic themed windows from around the globe.
Here are some examples from London- which one do you think deserves a gold medal for visual merchandising? We love the Adidas window above – waiving our normal requirement that a good window display needs a mannequin in it. A scaled down version of this could work for smaller retailers, especially if they are lucky enough to have an Olympic contender from their city.
We like this window for their strategic use of simple props and the right signage. It appears as if the mannequins spin around on a disk on the pedestal. We hope so, because this would be only explanation why their butts instead of their faces are towards the street. As excellent as this is, we still consider it a bronze medalist. Heck, it is the Olympics, the competition is stiff.
Running in high heels, is this a new Olympic Sport? These mannequins are at an H&M store and they purchased these running mannequins from Mannequin Madness and had them re-painted and added wigs. This is our favorite for the gold (yes we are biased)
Those mannequins can really hold a pose can’t they? This is our silver medalist window.


The lockers really help to drive home the athletic theme. As colorful as those oars are, they look a little odd. Still the creator of this window display managed to make headless mannequins look lifelike. Normally headless mannequins in the window are one of our least favorite types of mannequins. 
These images are from the Think blog, a retail design firm based in England.  We subscribe to a lot of visual merchandising related blogs at Mannequin Madness to bring you the best examples of window displays using mannequins. 

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