Florists and garden centers are becoming some of our most popular customers who are finding unique ways to use mannequins at their  store displays and special events. Mannequins make a wonderful canvas for florists to showcase their creativity and distinguish themselves from every other floral designer on the market.
The floral designs on the mannequins in these photos were created by Laura Clare Floral Designs for the Horticulture Society of New York. The theme of the show was “Couture en Fleur.” 30 New York based floral designers created breathtaking tablescapes that paid homage to some of fashion’s most iconic designers and eras.
Playing off of the fashion theme, Laura Clare Floral designs decided to create a “catwalk” as their tablescape. Combining all of the elements of true couture fashion – avante gard designs, hand crafted ensembles and a beautiful blend of colors and textures – they festooned two mannequins.  No doubt Laura is talented, but the mannequins (silent salespeople) increased the visibility of her work.

Using a mix of flowers and foliage in a muted color palate, they layered, tailored and crafted these extraordinary creations – worthy of any fashion runway!


While Mannequin Madness rents as well as sells  mannequins, florists and garden centers love to buy distressed mannequins from our boneyard.  Since they are going to be covering them in flowers and moss anyway, who cares it the mannequin is a little banged up underneath?

Here is an example of another mannequin wearing a “dress of flowers” as is her wig. There are endless combinations of mannequins and flowers – limited only by your imagination.


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