Finally a manufacturer has developed an affordable product so can customize a dress form to get your exact measurements. In the past even if you ordered a professional grade sewing mannequins made by Wolf  – or the Wolf knock-offs that we sell like the one below.

Before you were stuck with  “industry standards” for sizing. Industry standards are based on the measurements of “fit models” not real women.  So a size 6 who is tall and busty on top and small on the bottom had to get the same size dress form as a size 6 who is short and with wide hips.

Now a company called Fabulous Fit Fitting system has developed a product and that costs just $70 and consists of a box of 13 contoured pads that adhere to the dress form so you can customize the measurements of your form. We sell it here.

Then you pull a cover over the dress form (included in the box) to hold the pads in place.
These contoured pads allow you to increase the measurements of the form in the specific areas you need – bust, hip, butt, shoulders – etc
 The product comes in 4 sizes – small, medium, large and extra large. And within each size you can increase the size of the form 2 additional sizes. For example, if you buy the size small, you can increase the bust from a size 30 to a 34. See the sizing chart below
We sell both new and pre-owned dress forms  at Mannequin Madness in a range of styles, sizes and prices. And now you can add the Fabulous Fit Fitting system to your order and get a customized dress form to your exact measurements.


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7 years ago

What a great product, pity its not a british one, or are the pads available in the uk hopefully cheaper. Ideal for coping with increase of measurdments when useing your standard one

7 years ago
Reply to  jackie

sorry but this product is not shipped outside of the US.

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