If you are starting to plan your Halloween store displays we have a board on Pinterest with over 80 ideas (and we are adding photos all the time)
Of course most of the ideas are going to involve a mannequin or a mannequin part- but we do have a few display ideas involving pumpkins
We sell new and used mannequins at Mannequin Madness as well as items such as mannequin hands and legs.  

If you are in the SF Bay area, come visit our warehouse in Oakland where we have a huge mannequin “boneyard” with all kinds of distressed mannequins at discount prices. A beat up mannequin is perfect for Halloween displays where the mannequin is going to be completely covered in a costume. Or mummified.  
For customers who are out of state, we do ship our boneyard items – if you are buying a minimum of five items. Bear in mind that the shipping costs can often cancel out the savings of buying a distressed mannequin. But if you are buying something like mannequin limbs or hands, then it might be worth it.

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