SF Based Knitwear designer Margaret OLeary, decided to revamp their visual merchandising scheme and Mannequin Madness helped them get more with less.


They decided on these Schlappi mannequins (seen in stores like Barney’s and  Neiman Marcus). These mannequins normally cost over $700 each brand new and take weeks  for the manufacture and delivery.  Instead we sold some “pre-owned” ones at $175 that we recycled from another retailer and were available for instant pick up.
Our inventory of pre-owned mannequins changes all the time at Mannequin Madness. Sometimes we just have one or two of a certain mannequin, sometimes as in the case of Margaret O’Leary, we have 15 identical ones. Either way, it is a big savings for any retailer (and good for the environment) to buy “pre-owned” mannequins.

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