Luxury retailers have mastered the art of fabulous window displays. Here is an example from Louis Vuitton that could easily be replicated on a more budget friendly scale.

Not counting the items the mannequin is wearing, there are no less than 10 different products in the window, yet the display does not have the “overcrowded feel” that happens with so many smaller retailers.

Cramming too many things in the window makes the display look junky and cheapens it (do you want your store to look like a souvenir shop?)

What makes this a Window With Wow (meaning something that captives you and compels you to come inside the store) are these elements:

-the merchandise is placed a different heights, so that the eye travels and this creates visual interest

-the mannequin is in a pose that creates emotion (the impact would not be the same if the mannequin was in a standing military style pose) This is why retailers need to have standing as well as seated mannequins

-different colors and textures are in the window – with both the clothing and the props

-it resembles a  “scene” from a play which is different than versus stacking merchandise in the window for sale. People buy more when you touch them on an emotional level – scenes from a play evoke some type of emotion – sadness, humor, drama, excitement, fun etc.

– good lighting. Everything looks better in the right light and the best displays in the world mean nothing if the lighting is bad.