Mannequins in graphic sexual positions were what  United Colors of Benetton had in their  pop-up store in SoHo during Fashion Week last month.
The temporary store, titled “The Art of Knit” had these yarn art sculptures created by Erik Ravelo interspersed among the knitted sweaters for sale.
Does the yard wrapped around the mannequins allude to S&M bondage?
Some retailers will do anything to get attention. What’s next, mannequins having a bowel movement? Mannequins picking their nose?
Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think this was appropriate – either for the venue (which was a public space, not a club for patrons aged 21 and over) or for the retailer (if Playboy wanted to release a line of clothing, no problem – but Benetton?) Makes me NOT want to purchase their clothes.

What do you think? 

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