This Bob Mackie gown went from the 1998 Academy Awards to the Oakland warehouse of Mannequin Madness. 

Mannequin Madness has a lot of customers who buy mannequins to display celebrity gowns for an auction or for their private collection. (Just to name drop – gowns worn by Whitney Houston, Liz Taylor and Princess Diana have all been displayed on mannequins purchased or rented from us).
But we have never actually had a celebrity gown in our warehouse.  Until now.

This is just one of several Cher gowns that this collector owns. The Cher gown is going to be displayed at an open house at a fancy event in the wine country.
He brought the gown in an air tight case, wrapped in special tissue paper. As you can see in the photo, he handled the gown with white gloves. Took him what seemed like forever to dress the gown, as he slowly and painstakingly inched the gown over each limb.
We were afraid to get near it as the dress seemed so delicate – kinda like a spider web.
Yes Cher went “commando” when she wore this gown. There were strategically placed pieces of fabric to cover her ladyparts – front and back.

He wanted a mannequin with “no face” but still wanted a head so he could put the headpiece on it.

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Stella Simmons
Stella Simmons
10 years ago


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