The students at F.I.D.M in San Francisco provide us with many examples of budget friendly window displays that look expensive. This display was created by painting on foam core. Everything – the awning, the flowers, the doormat, the dress forms in the window – are made out of foam core with black paint. The only three dimensional item in the window is the mannequin.


If you would like step by step instructions on how to do this, send us an email and we will harass our friend and FIDM instructor Roy Kunkle to provide us with a video or written instructions that we can send to you. We think this is exquisite.

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Becky Tyre
10 years ago

Love the FIDM window! I’m a big fan of foam core for use in DIY retail displays. I think my blog readers will enjoy your blog post and I will share it on my facebook page (Retail Details blog) right now. Stay Display Inspited: Display. Sell. Repeat.

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