Ikea makes it possible for retailers on a tight budget to create a window display that looks expensive. Take this 2012 holiday window display above from Bebe.

In between the mannequins is a shelving system that is holding all kinds of accessories for sale and decorative oversized gold ornaments. This maximizes the number of  items on display in the window, without making the window too look cluttered.

Notice how they did not put a product on every shelf, but instead covered the shelf and attached a gold ribbon. This is another way of nothing making the display look too crowded. Smaller retailers are tempted to put too many items on display, which is a big visual merchandising mistake.

(FYI, we sell mannequin hands very similar to the one in the window. Also the jewelry bust forms that we sell would like great here as well.

Anyway you can find similar shelving at Ikea under the Expedit series.

Expedit Shelving Unit

It is available in a variety of colors and sizes. And they have colored boxes that fit inside the squares under the Lekman series. I like the red boxes because you could use them for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and July 4th.

Lekman Red Box

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Bebe Holiday Window 2012

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