Mannequin legs are not just for display hosiery.
1. Use them as art – mosaic them and place in your garden 

2. Use them to display shoes in your window. Don’t you just love these “pole dancers”

3.  Celebrate that the wicked witch is dead with a Halloween Display like this. (Thank you Pinterest, we sold a ton of mannequin legs this year because of this photo)
4. Shock partygoers. An event planner for a launch party for a shoe vendor had this curtained display where some of the legs were from a mannequin and some were of a live person. The live person would move their legs periodically much to the surprise of the attendees.
Whether you need to buy a new or used set of mannequin legs – Mannequin Madness has “a leg up on the competition” with a wide variety of choices for you.