This window display meets our criteria of “window with wow”. It was created by Los Angeles based visual merchandiser ChadMichael of CMSquared Designs. Chad has been nationally recognized for the unique window displays he creates for independent retailers.

1 It is incredibly eye-catching – whether you are walking OR driving by the window  – so this means more people will be tempted to stop, look and come inside.

2 It is a relatively budget friendly window to create, meaning minimal props are needed. (You still need to be skillful in the execution, but you don’t need a lot of money to create it)

3 In addition to being a fall window display – it is a wedding display (for either a straight or same sex wedding). If you replace the leaves with grass or snowflakes, this could be used for Valentine’s day.

4 The mannequins are in different positions (nothing is more boring than mannequins in an upright military style pose) which makes them feel more “alive and realistic” versus static.

5 The signage is compelling and causes viewers to use their imagination. When you cause viewers to have an emotional connection to a window display, this increases the possibility that they will come inside your store.

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