A dress form is a multi-purpose tool for creatively displaying accessories to make them more appealing to your customer. And many of the ideas below are applicable for use in your home as well as in a retail environment.

Mannequin Madness carries most of the dress form styles below or something similar. So for your convenience, I have included the hyperlink where you can buy the dress form

1-Belts like these really stand out on a dark background with dress forms like this

The following images were provided by Tony at the FixturesCloseup blog – he has lots of great visual merchandising ideas on his blog (but most of his ideas don’t involve mannequins, which is why happy that he had these images)

2-A wrist watch is a chocker on a miniature dress form.

3 -A scarf displayed as bandeau top on dress forms made of fibers, looks like a piece of art.

4-Not sure how practical it is display a fragrance bottle like this (especially against a leather form) but it is visually appealing

5- A male dress form is a nice canvas for a necktie and a female dress form

 is a nice canvas for a shawl.

6- This is the first time I’ve seen shoes displayed this way on a dress form. Instead of belts you could use decorative ribbon to secure the shoes. Either way you might want an industrial style female or male dress form on a really strong base to support this weight of shoes.

7-You can put more purses on a dress form with articulated arms. 

8 -And if the formhas articulated arms and a head you can use it for purses and hats.

9 – A dress form with an unusual shape or tiny waist really showcases jewelry nicely in this display.

10 – A dress form with an interesting print makes an artistic background for pearl necklaces.

9 -Jewelry

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