In our previous blog post we showed what a big difference a simple bouquet of balloons can make in a window display. Here is how luxury retailer Louis Vuitton “shuts it down” when they use balloons. This display is eye-catching whether you are up close on the sidewalk or whizzing by in a car.

They could have fewer balloons and still been just as effective, because they kinda overpower the mannequins and the garments they are wearing. But when have the name brand recognition of Louis Vuitton you could put nothing put stuffed cats in the window and people are still going to come inside and shop.

So retailers without that cachet of Louis Vuitton, need to work even harder to make their window displays engaging. It is not enough just to stick product in the window. People need to “feel” something when they look at your window displays – happy, amused, relaxed. Even something controversial and dramatic – something that gets people to stop, look and wonder.

There are so many other shopping options – online and offline – that people have so you have to do something to make your window stand out.

Start by  making friends with a balloon delivery company in your neighborhood and tell them you will want a bunch of balloons every 2-3 months. And while you are there, tell them that if they want a mannequin to make their in-store displays more interesting (imagine a mannequin holding a balloon bouquet), tell them to contact Mannequin Madness!

Here is another variation on this theme by Burberry. It reminds me of champagne bubbles.

Burberry Holiday Display

Disclaimer – my husband and I got married in a hot air balloon in Napa Valley on New Year’s Eve so needless to say, I am partial to any display of hot air balloons which is why I love this one from Louis Vuitton

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