We are continuing on our theme on what great props balloons are for retail store windows. Our two previous posts were showing examples of a high end version and a budget-friendly version of balloon displays – both were eye-catching.

Now we want to hear from you on this side by side comparison of two retailers who have a very distinct point of view: Anthrolopogie and Bergdorf’s.
Here is how Bergdorf’s uses balloons. (these photos are from the retail design blog)



This last image makes me think the mannequins heads were eaten by the “flying sea monster” balloon.

On the opposite end of the scale, here is Anthrolopogie:

As much as I can appreciate their more budget-friendly aesthetic, I never have liked their preference for using dress forms as opposed to mannequins in the window. They could buy used mannequins like that ones we recycle from high end retail stores, if they want to reflect heir eco-friendly image. But dress forms in the window ALL THE TIME are a big NO in the visual merchandising world.

And wouldn’t the pink poodles on a leash be much more convincing if there was a mannequin with arms holding the leash?

Which display appeals to you?

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