Umbrellas and scarves aren’t the type of item I normally pay much attention to in a window display. But that is not the case with this display. This is really got my attention.


This is from a magazine from the 1990’s but it is the type of timeless display that could work just as well today. You might not be able to see all the details in the photo but some of the mannequin hands are holding a pair of gloves, or a shoe. A pair of sunglasses are attached to the side of one of the purses. And the row of hats along the bottom are so cool. It is amazing how many items are in the window, yet is doesn’t look cluttered or crowded. There is enough “space” between items for the eyes to travel and to rest – very important in visual merchandising.
And it meets our criteria of what is a “window with wow” which is:
-it must be budget friendly to execute (cause we always say that good visual merchandise relies more on creativity than cash)
-have a least one mannequin (or mannequin parts) in the window
-it should enhance, not overpower the merchandise

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