Mannequin legs are very inexpensive compared to the cost of a full body mannequin. And they offer a variety of creative ways to display a range of products.

This one uses hosiery legs to display shoes, pants and purses. Very clever. 

0001This window display uses pant leg forms to display shoes and skirts.


This one looks like they removed the torso from  a seated full body mannequin and strategically placed them in the bathtub for an eye-catching shoe display.


These legs were used not just to display shoes or hosiery but to announce a sale. I think their theme was “mail order bride”. Don’t quite know the connection between mail order bride and sale, but it is eye-catching. 

0004This is the more traditional use of mannequin legs, but the Paris twist gives it more appeal. 

0001Whatever type of mannequin leg display that you like, we have the right legs for you at  

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