We discovered a retailer that is truly taking a “fashion forward” approach to gardening.

 The company is called “Hort Couture” and they sell upscale, unique plants and flowers for the sophisticated fashion forward garden owner. And what we LOVE about them, is they market their plants like a chic clothing boutique.


They even have a runway for their “fashion show” inside the store!  LOVE that. A company that really understands the value of visual merchandising (with mannequins!)0001

According to their website, they are in fashion industry, the fashion of plants. They only sell the most sought after, unusual plants. Nothing generic like you would find at a big box retail garden center.
 What a great idea this would make for a special event or trade-show!  Truly life-sized floral decorations.

If you need a mannequin to use as a canvas for a similar floral art project, Mannequin Madness has a wide selection of new, used and distressed mannequins for sale. (If the mannequin’s head is going to be covered in flowers you might as well save money and buy one that is damaged or cracked from our mannequin boneyard)

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