Here is an idea for your wedding festivities that you, your mom AND your mother-in law can all agree on and it will WOW your guests. Rent or buy a mannequin dress form and display your mom and mom-in-law’s wedding gowns and a photo of them on their wedding day. Everyone appreciates a trip down memory lane to see wedding gowns from another era.


This is an idea that brides are using at either their engagement party, rehearsal dinner and some even have it at their wedding reception.


Dress forms,  can be rented or purchased from companies like Mannequin Madness. If you buy a dress form you can use it to display your gown but before and after the wedding.


If  your mom had her heart set on you wearing HER wedding gown but you don’t want to, this is a way to please her.



Some brides take it a step further and include the wedding gowns of all the close family members of the groom and the bride. (sister, aunt, grandmother) 

Other brides include  heirloom wedding gowns of deceased family members. A wonderful way to honor your ancestors. 


Best of all, this decorating idea can cover a wide area at a much cheaper cost than flowers, balloons or decorations.




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