Have you seen the Beyonce mannequin that was released in 2010 by mannequin manufacturer Adel Rootstein?

We found these images of the Beyonce mannequin online, but have never seen the mannequin in person. And we see thousands of mannequins a year in our mannequin recycling business.



One would think that after her memorable Super Bowl performance, the Beyonce mannequin would be available for sale. People would be lining up to buy it – whether or not they had a retail store to put it in. So where is it?




These Beyonce mannequin images were here on the Rootstein website with a “coming soon” message. I made several phone calls to inquire about the availability of it, but no one returned my phone call.





I sent an email and received a message that they had no plans to make the Beyonce mannequin available. Apparently it was just for the clothing line the Beyonce and her mother did  awhile back – House of Dereon.




This 2010 New York times article about mannequin trends had this quote about the Beyonce mannequin: “Last year, at the request of Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, Rootstein made a mannequin of the singer for their fashion label House of Deréon. The result is amazingly lifelike — from the waist up.“Her mother didn’t want her hips to be 42 inches,” Mr. Arpino recalled. “I said exactly the same. We took off four inches from her hips.



This video clip from 2009 shows the folks at Rootstein talking about the upcoming release ofd the Beyonce mannequin and features the singer sitting a trunk full of mannequins on fire.

So despite all the hype about the Beyonce mannequin, it didn’t make it to mass production.

While all eyes are on Beyonce right now, I’d like to give some credit to Beyonce’s mother – Tina Knowles. She raised a superstar daughter, is a successful business woman in her own right and she looks fabulous.

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