The tv show “The Doctors” recently had lively debate on this episode  on how plus size mannequins effect self esteem. The approach they took was whether “overweight” mannequins boost self-esteem or support unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Considering that a “plus size” mannequin is a size 12 or 14, we think that saying a plus size mannequin supports unhealthy lifestyle choices is a joke. Instead showing mannequins that are unrealistically skinny (and tall) is what we think leads young women to adapt unhealthy lifestyle choices to be thin at all costs.

Recently one shopper was successful in getting JC Penney to remove mannequins super skinny mannequins from their store. The mannequins featured legs that were were smaller than the average woman’s arms.
The real issue with plus size mannequins, is that retailers rarely show plus size mannequins as attractive looking. Betcha never seen plus size mannequins like the ones in the photo below – with full make-up, false eyelashes, striking features and sexy pose.


Instead this is the type of mannequin that we’ve seen in retail chains. They always make plus size mannequins look dowdy, matronly or comical.


The mannequins featured on the “The Doctors” were dowdy, not voluptuous – reinforcing the myth that sexy does not exist over a size 8

In Australia, some retailers are displaying size 16 mannequins. They get kudos for making the mannequins look sexy, but we sure wish that they didn’t use headless ones. Guess you can’t be heavy and have a pretty face.


We offer a range of plus size mannequins for sale at Mannequin Madness. We named one after Adele, the plus sized singer from Australia.
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9 years ago

When I hear comment like the one Dr. Lisa made on the show about plus-sized mannequins leading people to think it’s ok to be overweight – it disgusts me! My previous doctor felt it was necessary to continually refer to me as obese and kept trying to get me to have weight loss surgery. His comments only left me not wanting to come back and I didn’t. My sister is only 5lbs over her ideal weight (according to her doctor) and she has the same health issues that I do (arthritis and high blood pressure) and we are both in our 50’s. I think doctors ought to be more responsible – they should be encouraging healthier eating and regular exercise instead of making people feel self-conscious about their weight.

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