Thrift stores and consignment stores are starting to put effort into visual merchandising their products. If done right, the small investment in time and money can pay off almost immediately.

Here is a true story from one of our customers.



Linda Cahan, a visual merchandising consultant was hired by Albertina Kerr Thrift store to give the store a make-over. According to Linda, “this shop used to do about $125 – $150 a day. Since they reopened they’ve done $11,000 in less than one month. We’re chalking it up to an entirely new look combined with better, more interesting upscale jewelry and accessories.”

Here are some before photos, which looks like a typical thrift store. Cluttered, hodgepodge display fixtures, no ambience.




And here are some after photos. Linda picked the colors, did the painting around the top and on the wrap desk, spec’ed the fixtures, bought the branches, spec’ed the lighting, got rid of some architectural elements that were existing. And she told the manager’s about the wide selection of dress forms and jewelry forms that we have for sale at Mannequin Madness.


The store is located in Portland, Oregon and the community there puts a big emphasis on using earth-friendly products. The store managers were excited about including some of the eco-friendly jewelry display products we sell in addition to the traditional jeelry forms they purchased from us.



What a much more pleasant shopping experience customers feel. And obviously that has translated into additional sales. While some of the sales increase is a result of the product mix, a big part of of the increase is the environment allures more customers to come inside. And once they come inside they also linger and browse – which increases the possibility that they will see something they want to purchase.


These are old architectural files that have been refurbished, a carpenter added the box below to lift them up. He also did the wood jewelry forms and the curved wood cash wrap top.



A little creativity combined with good execution (which is why hiring a visual merchandiser is a good investment) and of course good props (that is where Mannequin Madness comes in) and your sales can skyrocket too!

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