Mannequins are very persuasive salespeople – without saying a word or moving their body language.
Traditionally mannequins have been used for selling clothing, but savvy retailers realize that there are many other products that mannequins can very effectively sell.
Here are 4 versions of mannequins being used to sell bath and body products and spa related items


 This one is just the upper torso of one mannequin (with a big crack on the back of her head)  and the leg from another. The mannequin was spray painted to give is a glossy sheen so it could look like it was wet.


Window display by CM squared designs

This one is a bit more elaborate. I don’t quite get the connection with the travel books by the tub. I think it was to convey that this “bathing beauty” feels like she has been transplanted to an  exotic tropical beach as a result of  using the bath products the store sells. Hence the signage “Imagine.”

Window display by CM Squared designs

This display makes me smile, because for once a mannequin is not all dolled up looking like a glamour goddess. Once again, this is just an upper torso of a mannequin, a distressed one at that. Just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make creative displays. We frequently have mannequins in our mannequin boneyard that are perfect for something like this.



This display is from a department store  in France and they took it a step further to not only sell bath products, but lingerie and towels. Love that!

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