These are some of the most creative Earth Day window displays from around the globe. Earth Day displays include everything from:
A plea to protect exotic wildlife like this one by Topshop and PETA
 My beautiful picture
To one with a sense of humor like this one for Absolute Vodka. (We do make exceptions every now and then and include window displays that do not have mannequins in them)
Displays that involve the use of recycled elements like these recycled wine corks that Anthropolgie used in their Earth Day windows in 2012. To see more of their Earth Day windows, click here
Speaking of Anthropolgie, they are one of the leaders in the retail industry in using recycled elements in their window displays ALL year round, not just for Earth Day. Look at what they did for Xmas one year using plastic water jugs. BRILLIANT! We
If you  BUY a used mannequin from us  or let us  recycle  your unwanted mannequins when you remodel or close stores, that is also taking a year round stand for Earth Day.

This window display which is  on our Easter and Spring window displays on Pinterest, could also be for Earth Day.
Here is another example from that same board.
Send us your Earth Day Window Display images. If we use them here we will send you at 15% discount coupon for your next purchase at

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