One surefire way to grab attention for your retail window displays is to have them either be controversial or about a current event. Here are examples of both from freelance visual merchandiser Chad Morrisette who is based in Southern California.

I think this window display is from (or at least I hope so) a client of Chad’s who sells products for adult sexual pleasure.



Look closely, notice what is cooking on the BBQ grill. And although this picnic scene from the 1950’s looks relatively tame, the garments underneath the female mannequins’s clothing are anything but.

I love the giant postcard that says “Wishing you a Saucy Summer.”

On the other end of the spectrum, here is Chad’s interpretation of “The Oscar’s. Complete with red carpet, camera’s and gold statuettes.


Thank you Chad for including mannequins of color in your window displays. Plus size mannequins and mannequins of color are virtually non-existent in window displays – but we do have them for sale at



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