Everyday household objects like these drinking straws were turned into dramatic headpieces for these mannequin heads for a window display at retailer Harvey Nichols in London.


These headpieces created by paper sculpture artist Zoe Bradley. Zoe, who worked with Alexander McQueen, creates highly crafted fashion-based showpieces for advertising campaigns, photoshoots, fashion shows and window installation. Her eye-catching designs certainly make you stop and look, which is no doubt why Harvey Nichols hired her to create these for their windows.


If you look closely you can say that they are made from objects such as the paper umbrellas you find tropical drinks. Other objects include silly straws, toilet brushers, make up compact cases, make up brushes and household objects. It takes a very talented person to turn objects like that into a work of art.


This mannequin is wearing one of the  designs Zoe created when she worked with Alexander McQueen.


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