Did you ever see two mannequins have a pillow fight?



Me neither until I was walking down the street in San Francisco and this window display with four mannequins stopped me dead in my tracks.

This window was UNLIKE anything that any other retailer in the area had in their window.


And that is what the savvy retailer wants to do – set themselves apart from the competition. Most are like lemmings and do what everyone else does.This window has all the elements of a Window with Wow/Made you Look!-it evokes emotions ( who doesn’t enjoy a pillow fight?)-it showcases the clothes (some window displays have so much going the clothes get obscured  -it creates a strong identity for the store (based on the window display I would guess that the  store is has a fun, unique, youthful energy  -it is budget friendly to produce (nice mannequins coupled with inexpensive props, perfectly executed)


On Pinterest I saw a similar pillow fight window display from Bergdorf’s.



Goes to show that people from all income brackets can appreciate a good pillow fight!


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