Mannequin Madness is the self-appointed curator of art projects using mannequins or mannequin parts on Pinterest.

As a result people from all over the world email us photos of the projects and films that they have created so that we can post them on our blog and Pinterest boards.

John Breed, an artist based in Netherlands (one of my favorite countries) sent us these photo’s of an art project he created for an installation on display in a warehouse in Stuttgart, Germany.


John used 145 mannequin legs and painted them all in a slightly different colors. We have used mannequin legs for sale in our mannequin warehouse in Oakland.


The result was a “rainbow” effect which we think is fantastic and symbolic.


We love all the different styles of shoes that he put on the legs as well. Great job John – we need to see more projects like this in the United States.


If you are looking for mannequin parts for your art project, we have used mannequins at Mannequin Madness with an ever changing selection of items at discount prices.




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