Vintage floral hats can make a unique centerpiece for table decoration at spring or fashion themed party.


Got vintage hats laying around? Why not transform them into beautiful centerpieces?


Use  faux flowers and attach them to your vintage hats to give them new life.

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Use Styrofoam Mannequins Head  that you can find at Mannequin Madness to stabilize your craft and display your centerpiece.


If you have old flowers that seem flat and unusable- no worries. Steam can bring them back to life. Use the Steam setting on your iron and place your flower on the ironing board.



Give the flower a puff of steam and then quickly begin reshaping them. You may need to repeat this 2-3 times before you get the shape you want.



Restore an old hat or headband and jazz it up.



Find more information and how to’s at Polka Dot Closet