Our Pinterest board on Summer Window displays    features a variety of ideas for summer themed window displays. Here are some of our favorites.

1 This is one of my vacation fantasies.

1It is so nice to see male and female mannequins interacting in the window. Normally retailers have the male mannequins in one window and females in another.

2melons or peaches as props instead of the pumpkins, for a relaxing summer day


3 Anytime a retailer uses mannequins in interesting poses, instead of defaulting to the straight up military style that most retailers do, earns bonus points in our book.


The fact that they mounted these mannequins  to the wall, and painted them to look like their feet is in the water, is outstanding.

4 Great use of props – the clouds, the picnic scene, the painting – turns would  have been a boring display instead a Window with WOW.




5 Personally I think this sandcastle display kinda overshadows the clothing. I think they needethird mannequin, and mannequins with heads instead of headless and a smaller castle.


But still the retailers earns kudos for being different.


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