Here are five different types of retailers (meaning different budgets) with window displays to emulate.

1 The deeply tanned mannequins in casual poses that Ralph Lauren has in this window display, are perfect for creating that country club ambience. And just a few props – the bench, image of oversized tennis rackets and the trophy – take this window  from good to exceptional.


A headless mannequin standing in an upright in a military type stance is not the best way to sell athletic clothing. And too often this is the mistake that many athletic clothing retailers make.

Sure your customers can see see the clothing, but so what? Savvy retailers know that to sell more clothing window displays must enable  customers to “experience how they will feel” when they buy the clothing on the display

Sole Solutions, is an athletic shoe store focusing on cross-fit training. They bought this mannequin from us to hang from the ceiling to portray someone doing a pull or or a chin up. 2

What a great use of what is normally wasted air space in a building with high ceilings. What an impact!

If you need mannequins in athletic active clothing, we have a variety of men’s and women’s mannequins in sports poses for sale at Mannequin Madness.

3 This mannequin in a ski pose in this window display for retailer Moncler, really captures the mood of how you will feel when wearing their skiwear. Heck I don’t even ski and I want to buy that outfit – especially the gloves.


4  These yoga mannequins are on display in Athleta really make you feel like you’ll be in a “zen” state of mind with those clothing.


5 These custom made mannequins are on display at a retailer in Russia. Makes me want to hum the song “Let’s get Physical” when as see them – which is a good thing. When customers “feel” something they buy more.



For more inspiring athletic window displays see our Sports Windows boards on Pinterest.


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