We regularly feature guest blog posts from Visual Merchandisers around the world. This one is from Shelly Stone, a marketing to the dance industry.

Although this post will appeal to our customers in the dance/yoga community, many of the principles Shelly describes are appropriate to retailers in a variety of industries.


If your dance studio or classroom space has a large window visible from the street, a window display can be a great way to draw attention to your business. You can display information about classes, registration and your studio in general.

You can display merchandise you have for sale or even costumes or dancewear that is pretty, creative, unique or surprising. You can display photos, posters, pictures, toys or any other type of product that features dance.

You can even paint directly on the glass window of your dance studio. Let your imagination run wild and see what ideas you can come up with. Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest Board on Dance Studio Window Displays & Mannequin Madness’ Dancing Mannequins.


Here are some tips for creating window displays:

Have a theme. Whether it’s holidays or registration, dancer-of-the month or vintage dance toys, stick to a basic theme and tell a story with your display.

Gather supplies, materials and if you want, sketch out the display first.

Keep in mind who will be noticing your window. If it is on the street with lots of folks walking by, then lots of small details will catch their interest. If it is more of a drive-by display, you want the window to be large and colorful if someone glances out a car window when traveling by.

Put the most interesting part of your display at the eye-level of someone outside the window looking in.

Lights hung directly over a product or display may create shadows. Instead, angle the lights. Spotlights work great. You can even leave the display lighting on when you are closed at night to show off your studio.

Consider sunlight, too. If you will have a lot of direct sunlight you may have some fading of the products and merchandise displayed.

If your window is in your waiting room, you may want to have a backdrop behind your display so young children in the room don’t play with it and so it is seen better from the outside.


Grab attention with colorful, beautiful or surprising items in the windows. People will stop to look at your windows and take notice of your dance studio when they do.

You can hang items with clear fishing line, which is very strong and hardly noticeable.

If you are putting merchandise (such as tutus or dance shoes) in the window on display, make sure you have some for sale inside the studio, or at least an easy way to order.


How to paint on your window

  • Clean window and let dry.
  • Gather your craft paints (basic acrylic paint will work fine) and paintbrushes. You can even use paint pens for small details and outlines.
  • Print out your template (in reverse).
  • Tape it to the outside of the window.
  • Trace the outline.
  • Fill in the spaces with chosen colors.
  • Remove the template and you have a beautiful painted window.
  • When you’re ready for a new display, simply spray with window cleaner and wipe off. A razor blade may help with stubborn pieces of paint.


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