Displaying jewelry on a black or white velvet form is the traditional way of displaying jewelry. It is also BORING.

Check out these 7 examples of eye-catching displays that will attract more shoppers to your store or trade-show booth. For other examples see our Pinterest board devoted to jewelry and handbag displays.

This display above from Barney’s is an outstanding example of a creative and budget friendly way to display jewelry. Buy used mannequin arms for $20 and paint them in an eye-popping color. This enables you to display a lot of items in a small space.

All of the elements work together to create a “jewel” of a display. First there is the bright color of the mannequin hand. Then the different heights so that your eye is drawn to different places. Plus it demonstrates that mannequin hands and be used not only to display rings and bracelets, but you can drape necklaces and pendants between the fingers.

Isn’t this display below from Lanvin much more  appealing and fun that the traditional way that retailers display jewelry?

Image 1

 You can buy a bunch of used mannequin  hands with chipped paint and  put gloves on them. The different colored gloves really makes the jewelry pop!


 Hands with black gloves against a white background are equally as dramatic

1606e62554ced14e4f4dd58e6a74a4e3Tiffany’s used a minimalist approach with a single mannequin arm for a show stopping holiday display.


 Other retailers like mannequin arms in abundance  (our favorite kind of retailer)


We love the organic nature  of these wooden mannequin hands displaying ornate jewelry by an Indian designer. Wooden hands are some of our fastest selling items


Mannequin Madness sells a variety of new and used mannequin hands and arms. If you are in the SF Bay Area, schedule an appointment to come and look in our bargain bin also known as our mannequin boneyard. You might find all kinds of unexpected things to use for your jewelry displays.

Once again, for more visual merchandising ideas for jewelry, check this Pinterest board. 


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