Here is a scene you don’t see every day – clear mannequins that look like ghosts on standing on the sidewalk outside a retail store.



These clear mannequins were waiting to be loaded inside our truck. We recycled them from a retail store that no longer needed them.


These are very expensive (normally over $2,000 brand new) Italian designed mannequins that we now sell on our website for $200. Once we sell out of these used ones, we do have a similar product that is brand new that you can buy here.


Whether you use them as a very high end Halloween display to simulate ghosts:



Or if you use them for your online store to create the “ghost effect” with photography. Many people like to do this so that their  product images float on the page.


It is rare to find full body clear mannequins – new or used. We have normally just have  clear torsos for sale. So we are thrilled to have these